Dr. Kenneth Mark is one of the most accomplished and respected Dermatologists in the United States. A Cornell graduate who completed his residency at the world-renowned NYU Department of Dermatology where he is also a Clinical Assistant Professor, Dr. Mark has twice been voted one of the “Best Doctors” in America by his peers. This is the most prestigious clinical honor a physician can receive and represents the top 5% of doctors.

Dr. Mark, who has offices in Southampton, East Hampton, New York City and Aspen, is a nationally recognized injectables expert, who specializes in Botox and fillers such as Juvéderm and Voluma.  Dr. Mark says, “Voluma is the greatest filler ever invented for both adding volume and lifting the face!. When done properly, the results are incredibly natural.”

Dr. Mark spent an additional two years of training after his dermatology residency to become an expert in Mohs’ skin cancer surgery, plastic reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic procedures – including lasers, peels, and injectables such as Botox and Fillers.  Mohs’ skin cancer surgery, is a minimally invasive treatment for skin cancer that minimizes scarring and has the highest cure rate.

Dr. Mark prides himself on taking the knowledge of anatomy and precision he learned from his skin cancer and plastic reconstruction training and applying it to the cosmetic procedures he performs. A perfect example is the recently approved, non-invasive treatment for fat removal under the chin, called Kybella. “This is one of the most gratifying procedures I perform, as simple injections literally melt the fat away.”

During his fellowship, which had a focus on cosmetic procedures and appearance, Dr. Mark realized that patients wanted a regimen of products to use at home.  Unlike, most “Dr.” lines of skincare products, his are not mass-produced and not “label-slapped.” Always striving to be the best and to offer the best products, Dr. Mark insisted on his skincare line being manufactured exclusively for him and YOU!  This journey has taken longer and been more expensive, but was well worth the wait.

Dr. Mark is the pioneer of Astaxanthin – a Caroteniod up to 1,000 times as potent an antioxidant as Vitamin C. He was also one of the first to put Green Tea into his products.

The latest and greatest Dr. Kenneth Mark has to offer is his 5 new technologically advanced, cutting edge anti-aging skincare products.  “Simply put, this is the most comprehensive and clinically active anti-aging line on the market,” states Dr. Mark.  Within 7 days, your skin will undergo transformation from the unique blend of antioxidants, stem cells, peptides, exfoliating agents, and botanicals